Spartan Crypter GOLD

The only real scantime & runtime Fully UnDetectable (FUD) Crypter.

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  • File Binder

    With the binder in spartan crypter GOLD you can easely bind one or more features to your crypt. It's as easy as a simple drag and drop!

  • Persistence

    Do you want to make sure the process keeps running? Then The persistance feature in SpartanCrypter will do that job for you.

  • Startup

    If you want your file to run on startup you can enable to startup function on the crypter with one click. Yes, It's that easy!

  • Installation

    Do you want your file to run from the appdata folder of a PC upon execution? Installation will do this for you. Just enable it in the crypter and you're ready to go!

  • + More

    We have a long list of available features as well, Come check us out!

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